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Alpharetta Symphony Orchestra Musicians

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Conductor & Music Director

Dr. Grant Gilman

Violin I

Earl Hough, concertmaster

Sponsored by UPS
Michael Woodward
Chen Yao
Laurie Niedfeldt
Nancy Rodgers
Kim Stocksdale
Susan Hanna

Sponsored by 3RD ASCENT/Sean Smith


Violin II

Ben Bedont, principal

Sponsored by Friends of AlphaSO
Karen Anderson
Rachel Calahan
Karen Kolpitcke
Leesha Jones

Sponsored by UPS
Cassandra Sutton
Paul Wakim
Ruben Velazquez
Mike Hwang

Midori Uyesugi

Sponsored by Kenji Uyesugi


Peace Stegall, principal

Sponsored by J-Dog Foundation for Excellence

Olivia Johnson

Sponsored by Aperturent

Janee Minnick

Sponsored by UPS & Stephen Jones


Rebecca Wade-Chung, principal

Sponsored by Atlanta International School

Alex Paul

Sponsored by Sheryl Procacci

Rachel Bender

Sponsored by Rebecca Phaup

Kathy Kuzcka

Sponsored by St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church

Rosalie Camarillo

Jessalyn Palmer

Sponsored by The Hartman Family & The Palmer Family

Double Bass

Ricardo Karelisky, principal

Mark Ribbens

Kevin McGinniss

Vance Meholic

In memory of Carol Meholic


Kelly Meholic, principal

Sponsored by Karen Hatin

Kim Stefanick

Sponsored by Anonymous

Missy Mahon

Sponsored by James & Debra Mahon 

Chris Petre-Baumer

Sponsored by Tobias Clark



Missy Mahon

Sponsored by Anonymous



Torrence Welch, principal

Sponsored by Game Night Crew

Sponsored by ESi

Jessica Wilson

English Horn

Alex Fricker



Barbaraann Bongiovanni, principal

In honor of great friends

Sponsored by Bongiovanni Love

Charles Nelson

In Memory of Russell E. Nelson, Sr.

Robert Barnes

Claire Telfor


Bass Clarinet

Robert Barnes



Avishay Ben-Zvi, principal

Randy Wilbur

In loving memory of Gloria (Chilton) Wilbur

French Horn

Russell Williamson, principal

Sara Altman

Christi Lenz

Jonathan Shaw

Emma Barnstead

Jake Wadsworth

Tyler Smith


Geary Newman, principal

Scott Moninger

Sponsored by Big Sky Franchise Team

Paul Fletcher

Steve Toney


Loren Haefer, principal

Brad Griner

Bass Trombone

Michael Faire

Sponsored by Jim & Judy Faire



Brian Faire


Dominic Ryder, principal
Sponsored by Doug Dimmadome,
Owner of the Dimmsda
le Dimmadome

Casen Alesi*
Makalani Jefferson*
Joshua L
Wade Stephens*


Matthew Alan Edwards*


Tyler Hartley*

* Regularly Engaged Musician

Empty Orchestra Stage

The Stage is Yours!

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