AlphaSO Fundraiser at Painting with a Twist: a Fun Night of Harry Potter Trivia!

Looking for a fun night out? Try “Painting With a Twist”! On Sept. 29, the AlphaSO Ensemble Players were invited to play a variety of music at this sold-out venue while happy artists-in-training enjoyed beverages and hummed along. The ensemble played a variety of music from Harry Potter melodies to Eine Kleine while a room full of artists happily worked under the direction of an artist, wearing Harry Potter glasses and painting…an owl. It was a perfect night of music, art, Harry Potter trivia, and laughter. The AlphaSO is grateful to Painting with a Twist, who donated a portion of the proceeds to support the orchestra. We can’t wait to return!

Want to visit Painting with a Twist in Alpharetta? Click here to link to their website and learn more!

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